Kurzweil Web License Special Pricing for Universities and Colleges

Kurzweil Web License Special Pricing for Universities and Colleges

K3000 Unlimited Web License for Colleges/Universities

The Unlimited Web License for colleges/universities gives access to all students, professors and support staff, on campus and off to all K3000 software and apps for only $7,800/year.

And with all the features in the new Kurzweil’s web browser app, students can read K3000 files, study, brainstorm and even write on virtually any device:

  • Chromebooks,
  • Android phones and tablets,
  • iPhones/iPads,
  • Windows or Mac PC’s.


Academic Reading and Writing:  The Struggle is Real

Many post-secondary students struggle with academic reading and writing.  Research suggests that close to 40-60% of all US undergraduates need remedial coursework. Unfortunately we couldn’t find analogous Canadian stats but anecdotally campus staff tell us the struggle for Canadian post-sec students is real. Perhaps Canadian students do better, but remedial writing and study courses have become just as much a growing component of Canadian campuses as US ones. 

Since 2000 the number of valid study permits in Canada has increased by 467 per cent to over 572,415 in 2018. Now, not all international students need help with their reading comprehension and writing, but many do and the demand for extra support has grown and keeps growing.

That’s the beauty of the recent increased functionality of the web browser version of K3000: for those who need a little bit of support with some of their work – it’s easy to login on any device and get to the tools they need. 

Perfect for ESL/ELL students who might need a little more support or those getting study skills tutoring or taking remedial writing classes.

But for students with identified reading challenges -- dyslexia, visual impairment etc. – they can have the full power of K3000 installed on their Mac or Windows computer.

The K3000 Unlimited Web-license covers the wide spectrum of student needs.


Install Where You Need

In a library, lab, classroom, you can install as many of the full powered local client versions of K3000 as are needed. 

Many colleges and universities have satellite campuses across provinces, the country even around the world. The web license of $7,800/year includes any and all locations, anywhere at no extra cost. As long as the degree is the same then Kurzweil 3000 can be used by an unlimited amount of users tied to that institution: full and part-time students, instructors, professors, assistants, support staff etc.

We have post secondary institutions of over 50,000 students on multiple sites all getting access for that same $7800/year. That’s 15 cents/student or less.

Registration and distribution can be handled by the users themselves, requiring minimum support. Many post-secondary institutions with web license, will put a self-registration link behind the password protected student portal. Students can then chose to download the full standalone desktop version or login to the web version. The latter can be done on a PC, Chromebook even Android and iOS phones. You also get access to K3000 files on an iPad through the K3000 app - also included in the subscription.

Have more questions?  Need support kicking off your web license implementation? Ask us for our exclusive, web license kit, including posters, postcards, strategies and more.

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