New accessibility resources from Ablenet

New accessibility resources from Ablenet

Ablenet has just made some invaluable resources available for supporting users with complex needs and putting Universal Design for Learning into action.




Designing your 21st century accessible classroom udl infographic diagram assistive tech

Designing your 21st Century Accessible Classroom

Want to see what a truly UDL school environment can look like?  From easy tech to high tech, this free infographic lays out how to integrate a variety of assistive technologies in a typical classroom. By thoughtfully deploying accessibility tools, you can increase opportunities for social interaction and problem solving, building student independence.

CLICK HERE to download your free pdf copy of Designing your 21st Century Accessible Classroom.




iOS 10 ablenet accessibility the missing users guide udl iPad iPod assistive technology


iOS 10 Accessibility Switch Control - The Missing User Guide

iOS 10 for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch has a variety of accessibility features integrated into the operating system. Built in Switch Control for single or multiple switches, enables access to almost every feature of an iDevice -- iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.  Ablenet’s Guide systematically summarizes the new switch Control Features in iOS 10 including switch interface options, auto-configuration and different scanning settings. 

CLICK HERE to download your free pdf copy of iOS 10 Accessibility Switch Control - The Missing User Guide.




ablenet action dictionary ibook udl integration differentiated instruction assistive technology light tech

Ablenet’s Action Dictionary

This premier differentiated instruction guide for students with disabilities is now available as a free iBook on iTunes.  The dictionary is an easy to use, practical reference for implementing Universal Design for Learning in your classroom and a great compliment to the Designing Your 21st Century Accessible Classroom pdf (described above).

Think of every day actions common to a classroom activity like speak, look, add, choose, describe, clap, cut etc. For a student with mobility or fine motor issues, or a visual impairment, or who doesn’t communicate verbally, or any number of combinations of physical and cognitive challenges, they may not be able to perform these classroom actions in the usual way.

In the Action Dictionary, you can look up these words and dozens of others and see a list of alternative means of expression, participation, communication and action.  Some suggested alternatives my use common assistive technologies – single message communication device, switch, sequenced communicator etc. – other’s will use common classroom objects such as calculators, whiteboards, hanging pocket organizer etc.

Find simple, practical, easy to implement solutions on every page. The Action Dictionary is guaranteed to generate a few “why didn’t I think of that!” forehead slaps from even the most experienced teacher.

CLICK HERE to get your copy of Ablenet’s Action Dictionary from iTunes.

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