Symbolized Winter Rules and Vocabulary

Symbolized Winter Rules and Vocabulary

Once the first snow falls, use this symbolized rule sheet and vocabulary in your classroom for a safe and inclusive play outside. They are absolutely free, and available in French! 

The 4 Winter Rules for a playground and accompanying vocab sheet was created with Widgit Online (the web based symbol material maker) and will come in handy for any winter activity you have planned. We tried to make this little resource as relevant as possible to most school playgrounds so there’s only 4 key rules. The vocab sheet could be used for newcomers, in a supported classroom or early grades.

Voici les règles de la cour d’école en français!

The vocab sheet was created in Widgit Online’s new Create Grid tools.  One of the templates populates a vocab sheet with and without symbols, but just type the word once.  So that you can introduce the vocab with the symbols but cut out the word only card for the word wall.


some winter words vocab sheet 1


Bridges “Canadianized” the vocabulary and symbols but you'll still be surprised to find that words like snow fort, toque and winter coat have thoughtful symbols already created for them.




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