As the financial year comes to a close, do you find yourself with a little extra funds in the budget? If you're looking for some last minute spending ideas, we've put together a list of some of the most popular products, which we have available in stock and ready to go when you place your order.


Durable, shock and cold-resistant switches that come in 2 different sizes and 3 activation types. These switches are made to last. To test their durability, we've even stomped on them and they still keep working. A water resistant version is also available.

Buddy Buttons

A popular, wired switch that provides an auditory click and tactile feedback. You can plug the Buddy Button into a Blue2 for iPad access, or into a switch interface for computer access.

Jelly Bean Switch

Long considered the standard in the industry, the famous Jelly Bean switch features a 2.5-in/6.4-cm activation surface and is recommended for users who are able to access a smaller target area. Switch tops can be removed and replaced with the colour of your choice: Red, Blue, Yellow, or Green.

Jelly Beamer Transmitter & Receiver

A rugged, reliable, and easy to use wireless switch that performs just like a traditional switch - without the hassle of cables. The Jelly Beamer has two components: a switch that houses a transmitter, and the Mini Beamer receiver that can be plugged into any switch-adapted device, from battery operated toys and electric appliances to your classroom's digital camera or computer.

Switch and Toy Bundle

We’ve put together fun bundles to refresh your accessible classroom activities. Choose between a variety of toys, like the All-Turn-It Spinner, Robbie Rabbit, Penguin Race, and more. With each toy, select a switch to go along with it; Jelly Bean Twist, Jelly Beamer Transmitter & Receiver, Jelly Beamer Transmitter & SLAT Receiver

PowerLink 4

With the PowerLink 4, switch users control up to 2 electrical appliances with a single switch. Features 6 unique modes of control that allows you to define exactly how, and for how long, appliances will be turned on.

Go Now Rugged Case for iPads

GoNow Cases are built for special education. The built-in handle makes the iPad much easier to carry. High-impact exterior and soft plastic interior protect the iPad from the knocks and drops of everyday life.


Easily record any single message up to two minutes in length directly into the BIGmack communicator and press its activation surface for crystal-clear playback. Connect a toy or appliance for additional motivation.


Simply record any message directly into the LITTLEmack communicator for one touch, single message playback up to two minutes in length. Connect a toy or battery-operated appliance for instant positive reinforcement.


Record any series of messages directly into the BIG Step-by-Step communicator and press its activation surface for the first message. Press it again and BIG Step-by-Step automatically steps to the next message. With two full minutes of recording time, you can record as many messages as you need, divided any way you like.

EyeLearn Packages 

Bridges EyeLearn Packages give you everything you need to turn a Windows Computer into a classroom eye gaze system. Our EyeLearn systems are ideal for a classroom supporting a wide variety of students with profound and complex learning needs as a result of rett syndrome, cerebral palsy, ASD and other physical, cognitive and sensory challenges. Packages include software and hardware for learning and teaching with eye gaze.

Inclusive EyeGaze Education

Quickly and easily setup eye gaze in your classroom with Inclusive's Eye Specially designed for teachers and therapists to use with a wide range of students at different stages of learning, the Eye Gaze Education bundle is an ideal comprehensive starting pack for any special needs school or resource centre – just add your own PC.

The Education bundle comes with myGaze® Eye Tracker and Inclusive EyeGaze Learning Curve Software - 54 fun and meaningful activities.

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