Eye Gaze Coaching

Eye Gaze Coaching

Classroom Coaching

Bridges EyeLearn systems, which include a myGaze camera, mounting system, learning curve software and Grid 3 software are being used with multiple students in the same classroom or school. This package is supporting access to curriculum, increasing the  information educators have about the visual behavior of students who have complex learning needs, and providing opportunities for engagement. Once the system is assembled the Bridges training team can provide classroom coaching to get you started and help with goal setting and charting a path toward success. 


5 half days of training over the course of 2-3 years.

This training can provide some small group training for groups of educators in the same school and/or individual classroom coaching. Coaching may involve:

  • Setting preferences in the myGaze software
  • Support with positioning and calibration
  • Guidance about appropriate activities in the learning curve software for individual students
  • Help with customization of the learning curve software
  • Editing Grid 3 Software
  • Access to school software that incorporates settings to support eye gaze access (Boardmaker, Clicker)
  • Access to software that does not incorporate settings to support eye gaze (e.g. Interactive Whilteboard software, word processing software)

Eye Gaze Days

Eye gaze days are provided for teams interested in pursuing purchase of eye gaze as an access method for multiple students. Bridges brings the technology to your location,  provides an overview of the components, how eye gaze works, and guides the team through hands-on step by step setup of the equipment. There is an opportunity for students the team has identified as eye gaze candidates to try using eye gaze. 

Grid 3 Workshop

This Grid 3 workshop is for teams that have purchased Grid 3 software as part of an EyeLearn system. These workshops provide an opportunity outside of the individual coaching sessions for a more formal introduction to Grid 3. 

This workshop will cover: 

  • An overview of ready-made grids
  • Introduction to basic editing of ready-made grids
  • Overview of file management  (saving, deleting, sharing)
  • Introduction to online repository of Grid 3 grids
  • Introduction to programming a new grid

This full day workshop will conclude with a short make and take activity time, so that participants leave feeling confident in their ability to do some of their own activity creation.

There is no charge for this workshop, but a group of 10 people is required to hold one.