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Kurzweil 3000 Features

Bringing each piece of the literacy puzzle together with one easy and proven solution ensures that instruction and learning become personal—and meaningful progress becomes possible.


  • 31 Natural Text-to-Speech voices in over 18 languages and dialect
  • Customizable reading rate and presentation
  • Improve readability with OpenDyslexic font and text magnification
  • ABBYY FineReader® OCR-highest accuracy in reading aloud
  • Read text in Word, PDF, EPUB, RTF, Daisy, and on the Web
  • Read locked text in PDFs and images, exactly as they appear
  • Access to over 1,800 classic literature texts
  • Create MP3 files and add to iTunes Playlist
  • Resume Reading brings opens the exact page you were last reading
  • Ensure reading and test-taking integrity—now even faster—with Dual Zone Editing
  • Use Page Range to bring in select pages or chapters into the online library
  • Read aloud basic math with Talking calculator
  • Change background and text color with the click of a button


  • Translate, define and expand word choices with Reference tools
  • Vocabulary study guides; English and bilingual
  • Engage learners with 5 different Note tools; including Sticky and Voice notes
  • Break down text and identify important information with multiple coloured highlighters, circles and Bookmark tools
  • Cross-out text to aid with the process of elimination
  • Create Study guides
  • Organize text into Column notes
  • Stay on task with research using Online reference tools within the software
  • Support active reading, note taking, and chapter summaries with templates


  • Writing Path facilitates writing from beginning to end
  • Map ideas with Brainstorms and Graphic Organizers
  • Start writing with template Outlines
  • Word prediction offers words based on frequency
  • Use Word lists to facilitate the use content specific words, including Tier 2 academic vocabulary and Language of Literature
  • Practice spelling and check spelling
  • Speak as typing helps learners self-regulate their writing
  • View outlines and drafts simultaneously with Split screen
  • Bibliography in MLA8 and APA format
  • Speech-to-Text is accessible with the click of a button


  • Create a test or assignment with the Test-prep Toolbar
  • Lock features for a test or quiz
  • Password protect tests and other documents
  • Create assignments with fill-in-the-blank, essay, multiple choice, short answer, true/false
  • Customize accommodations with a Test-taking tool bar
  • Identify specific reading zones to read silently
  • Lock features at the user-level
  • Save a copy of files to Google Drive