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Widgit Symbol Update 2021

To support self-expression and vocabulary comprehension for users, Widgit has released a major free symbol update to Widgit Online, InPrint 3, and SymWriter 2.

More inclusive

Help support more inclusive representation, such as removing unnecessary indications of gender and improving symbol skin tone options.

More relevant

Thousands of symbols edited to represent modern culture and technology more accurately.

More symbols

Hundreds of new symbols added to further encourage communication development and increase user independence.

To learn more about the changes, download the Symbols Review & Development Reference Guide from Widgit.

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Getting the update

The free update is live now. Find out how to get your Widgit software up to date:

Widgit Online

When the symbol update is added to Widgit Online, all your documents will automatically change to the new symbols.

InPrint 3 and SymWriter 2

The symbol update will be included with the free software updates for InPrint version 3.5 and SymWriter version 2.5.

Simply update to the latest version of the software when it's released and all your documents will automatically change to the new symbols when you open them.

You have two options to update:

1. Launch "Widgit Product Activator" program on your computer. This program was installed with your InPrint 3 or SymWriter 2. The program will help you update your software.

2. Download the latest updates directly from the Widgit website: https://www.widgit.com/ca/support/index.htm

Hints and tips to prepare for the update

For most of the symbols that have been updated, the differences are not easily noticed (e.g. a changes in the font). For some symbols, the changes are substantial and introducing them may be challenging for some users. A detailed guide that describes the changes will be provided when the symbol update is released.

Here are some tips to help users prepare for the update. The tips are aimed at supporting schools but should also be useful for parents and carers.