Basic-D V5 Embosser

Product Description
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Basic-D is the World leading tractor-fed braille embosser with its light weight design it is one of few truly portable braille embossers.

Basic-D has an established reputation as the top selling braille embosser in the world.  It uses fanfold paper the most reliable, and most commonly used paper style for braille embossers, producing single or double-sided braille print. 

As always, the V5 embosser series is:

  • easy-to-use
  • built to last
  • includes modern braille printing functions
  • Compact
  • Backed by a 2 year warranty
  • Prints 120 characters per second
  • Supports BrailleApp printing, editing and monitoring
  • Tractor-fed: the most reliable paper feeding method
  • And Has a braille and text labelled control panel


Latest Features


Updated to accommodate the latest braille techniques and compatibility with mainstream technology:

  • Increased printing speed
  • Wi-Fi (including braille printing from mobile devices)
  • LED lighting for paper in area
  • Connection to USB memory stick for saving or printing documents, braille settings, layout setting, backing up files
  • V5 control panel with integrated speaker, cords to sensor, LED embossing head lights and back lighted information messages and connected to the main pcb with one flat cable
  • Acapela synthetic speech feedback
  • Wizard for braille settings
  • Includes paper size, duplexing, character per line, lines per page etc
  • Standard wizard for simple braille setting
  • Customer wizard for featured braille setting
  • Dynamic HELP information
  • Simplified layout setup
  • Flexible number of layouts 1-9
  • Backup/Restore your braille settings to PC, USB or SD card
  • select/edit/add and delete layout from control panel
  • Adjustment of braille block position
  • Adjustment of folding line for booklet printing
  • Adjustment of paper out offset on Basic-D
  • Calibration of paper movement step length
  • Reset; to previous layout, to distributor default or to factory default
  • Faster start up sequence
  • SD-card recovery



Specifications and support



  • Embossing speed cp: 120 cps
  • Single-sided
  • Double-sided
  • Vertical printing (booklet)
  • Adjustable line spacing



Braille font:

2.2, 2.5, 3.2 mm

Tactile resolution:  100 dpi

Forming method:  13 solenoids (hammers) against steel anvils

Additional info: Interpoint [standard braille] and interline [w/ 2.2 mm font] available




USB memory stick

Wi-Fi network

Wired network



Supports mobile devices

Supports idB

Electrical  Voltage: 100-240 V AC

Power max:  140 W

Power stand by:  5 W

Eco power down: 0.05 W

Switched power supply



Height: 13 cm (5.12 in)

Width: 52 cm (20.47 in)

Depth:  26 cm (10.24 in)

Net volume:  17.58 dm3 (0.62 ft3)

Net weight:  7.6 kg (16.72 lbs)

Noise level: 80 dB(A)

Noise level with acoustic protection:  63 dB(A)




Paper weight: 120-180 g/m2 (80-110 lbs)

Paper width: 100-325 mm (3.9"-12,8")

Paper length: 25-431mm (1"-17")


Sku: 6806BASICV5
Vendor: Humanware

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