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Communicate, control devices, and interact with your environment with the Grid 3. 

You can do so much more with Grid 3, from symbolised email and SMS, to quick and accurate communication for text users. There are tools and all new features to make saying what you want, accessing your computer and controlling your environment easier than ever before, using every type of access, from eye gaze and switch technology, to touch and pointing devices.

With this complete software solution, you can use a computer as a voice output communication aid with symbols or text to build sentences, as well as access popular apps like YouTube and Skype, and even environmental control! Great for people with limited or no verbal communication.

Whether you're new to assistive technology or an expert Grid user, Grid 3's new easy authoring interface and remote support tools make it the most powerful and easy to setup and customize AAC/access software ever.


En français

Le logiciel Grid 3 permet aux personnes handicapées à travers le monde de communiquer, de contrôler leur environnement et de contrôler leur ordinateur.

Vous pouvez utiliser The Grid 3 avec chaque type d'accès, le contrôle aux yeux, les interrupteurs, écran tactile et les systèmes de pointage.

Avec The Grid 3 vous pouvez avoir accès :

  • Communication en symbole
  • Communication avec texte
  • Apprentissage interactif
  • Applications accessibles
  • Contrôle d'ordinateur
  • Contrôle de l'environnement

Le pouvoir d'avoir votre propre voix

Le logiciel Grid 3 alimente les aides de communication°; transformant le texte et les symboles en discours. Différentes voix synthèses disponibles de haute qualité.


Communication en symbole


Outils pour le travail, l'école et la maison

Que vous utilisiez des symboles ou du texte pour communiquer, il existe des applications et des ensembles de grilles qui vous aideront à atteindre vos buts (quotidien) chez-vous, au lieu de travail et pendant les études. De puissants outils pour le contrôle de l'ordinateur qui vous donnent un accès complet à Windows et à tous les outils de vont avez besoin pour votre réussite.

Édition à distance

L'appui que vous pouvez recevoir de la famille et des professionnels est illimité avec la nouvelle fonction d'édition à distance. Les intervenants pourront avoir accès à votre profil d'utilisateur et de vos ensembles de grilles pour faire les changements nécessaires à distance.

Fait sur mesure pour vous

Grid 3 est prêt à utiliser tout droit sorti de la boà®te, mais a été conçu de sorte que vous pouvez modifier vos grilles en fonction de vos besoins. Donc, si vous préférez du texte plus large, des couleurs avec du contraste plus élevé ou des cellules plus grandes, vous pouvez changer The Grid pour vos besoins.

Apprentissage interactif

L'apprentissage interactif dans Grid 3 est une façon complètement nouvelle pour les gens d'apprendre et d'explorer à travers des activités animées, en commençant par de votre chien Dilbert à la conception de votre propre voiture, ou faire la course sur une piste!


Apprentissage interactif


Communication de texte

Il existe une gamme de claviers conçus avec des fonctionnalités innovatrices qui rendent l'écriture plus simple. La prédiction de mot et aussi de phrase aide l'utilisateur à composer des messages plus rapidement et efficacement.


Communication avec texte


Contrôle de l'environnement

Le contrôle de l'environnement Servus dans The Grid 3 vous permet de contrôler des appareils dans votre maison, bureau ou école, y compris les lampes, la chaà®ne haute-fidélité , la radio et votre porte d'entrée .

Notre fonction d'apprentissage et de sélection unique pour télécommandes rend la configuration de votre appareil rapide et facile.



Contrôle de l'environnement avec Grid 3


Contrôle par ordinateur

Naviguez avec précision dans Windows, choisissez simplement le type de clic de souris nécessaire, puis regardez ou déplacez le curseur sur la cible à l'écran grâce à notre outil Zoom pour cliquer.

Il existe un ensemble de grilles distinctes pour les utilisateurs de commutateur. Chaque outil est adapté pour le balayage afin que vous puissiez travailler plus efficacement.


Contrôle par ordinateur


Product Overview

With the Grid 3's simple layout, you can easily incorporate:

  • Face-to-face communication: symbols, text, phrases, combined. Dozens of free communication grids to chose from. Scale from engaging simple choice boards for early communicators to full text with unparalleled word prediction for literate users.
  • Remote communication with email and SMS messages built right in your grids. Even symbolize your emails.
  • Browse the internet to shop, learn and connect through your social networks.
  • Run your computer to write, study, work, listen to music, watch movies and control your environment.

The Grid 3's alternative access options are unmatched with features that get the most from:

  • Eye Gaze: Built-in features to work with the most popular and powerful eye gaze cameras including, Alea, MyGaze and Tobii. Plus special features like monitoring cells, rest cells and more.
  • Switches: Single switch scanning or multi-switch, customizing specific switches with specific functions, it's incredible what the Grid has built-in to get the most out of a switch.
  • Head pointer, and mouse alternative pointers like joysticks and trackballs: customize timing to eliminate false clicks, zoom, press switch or dwell to click.
  • Touchscreen: touch and hold activate, highlighting or speak audio description to prompt.
Sharing and Editing 

All new Remote Editing, delivers support through the Cloud, from anybody, anywhere. Family and caregivers, school staff and therapists, anyone who supports a specific user's communication and access can login and edit grids or create new ones. All this support from multiple users is included in the one Grid license purchased for the user.

Grid 3 remote editing


Access for Everyone

You can use Grid 3 with every type of access method, from eye gaze and switch technology to touch and pointing devices.


Access Grid 3 with eye gaze, switches, pointers, or touch

Users can even customize their own settings, right in their grids with an alternative access method -- for a whole new level of independence:

  • Enable or disable different access methods, 
  • Adjust speed and timing 
  • Even recalibrate eye gaze

Some of the many settings eye gaze users can control in a grid

A few of the many settings switch users can control in a grid.

A few of the many settings alternative pointer users can control in a grid.



Pointing Devices 

Choose how cells are highlighted, with options for magnifying a cell and changing the colour of the border or background.


Any device that acts as a mouse to move the pointer can be used with Grid 3



The built-in Virtual Key Guard disregards unwanted screen presses. You can choose which action determines a "click" selection - your first touch, or when you lift your finger off the screen.


Grid 3 virtual keyboard built right in

Eye Gaze

Eye gaze settings are all available from within Grid 3, so you can tweak them on the go. How you make a selection is up to you - use the Dwell visual indicator, or try the Grid's new innovative feature, Zoom to Click.


Eye Gaze settings are available from within Grid 3



The new Scan Progress Indicator helps you anticipate when the item you want will be highlighted. Or make scanning more efficient by grouping cells into blocks, rows and columns, advancing the scan automatically or manually, using additional switches and adjusting switch timings.

Grid 3 is switch compatible with Scan Progress Indicator

Multiple Switches 

Instead of scanning, use four switches or a joystick to move up, down, left and right. Or activate Switch Elimination, which breaks grids into groups that you can select directly with the corresponding switch.


Use multiple switches in Grid 3


Audio Feedback 

Use audio highlighting to play a description of the cell or a sound before you make a selection. Audio highlighting can use a different audio device to your main speech, allowing you to use a wired headphone or Bluetooth headset for audio highlighting, and a louder speaker for your voice.

Accessible Apps

Grid 3 comes with grid sets for everything that can help users do more. From making a quick phone call, sending a text or emailing a photo, it is easier than ever before to stay in touch with family and friends.

A wide range of accessible apps exist in the Grid 3


Grid 3 - Accessible apps from Smartbox on Vimeo.


Easily make voice calls and send text messages - all you need is an Android phone with Bluetooth. If you're a symbol user you can now also access SMS for the very first time with symbolised text messages.


Make phone calls or send text messages with Grid 3


 Control the front and rear cameras on your device with ease using the new Camera grid set. Then quickly share your pictures via email or start a slideshow.


Control front and rear cameras and share photos in Grid 3


Browse, select, and control your media with automatically generated album covers and video thumbnails - whether you want to sort photographs, watch music videos, or catch up with your favourite shows.


Easily browse, select, and control media, including music, photos, and videos


Attach photographs, catch up on conversations and email groups with only a few selections. Keeping track of your inbox is stress-free with the modern design and range of new features.


Attach photographs, catch up on conversations and email groups

Efficiently browse the web with the completely new web browser, featuring URL prediction, improved navigation and a favourites tool.


Visit your favourite websites and navigate them with ease in Gird 3


Create, access, and send notes within seconds. Using SwiftKey prediction, you can work and study more efficiently than ever before. From shopping and task lists, to references for your latest assignment, the grid set will date and order your notes for you.


create, access and send notes within seconds


Send and receive symbolised messages in email and social media apps.


Symbolized messages in Grid 3


Manage your contacts all in one place and keep touch across email, SMS, and voice call grids.


Contact management in Grid 3


Accessible Social Media 


With the all-new Facebook integration, effortlessly scroll up and down your newsfeed, post to your wall or talk to your friends with Facebook Messenger, all from within the dedicated app.


Facebook integration in Grid 3



The Grid 3 Twitter app provides a simple interface for speaking to the world in only 140 characters. Publish, favourite, retweet and reply to tweets with only a few selections.


Twitter integration in Grid 3



Get instant access to billions of videos with the new YouTube app, which makes it simple to search for and watch a video.


Youtube integration. Accessing videos is easy in Grid 3


Quick Navigation

You can zoom in and out in every social media app and highlight or select links with ease, so no feature is out of your reach.


Quick and easy navigation of social media in Grid 3


Communicate with Symbols

The Grid 3 software transforms a Windows computer or tablet into a high-tech communication aid.
Text and symbols become speech in a variety of the best quality voices you can customize or record your own speech and sounds.

Whether a communicator uses symbols or text there are applications and grid sets that will support you across environments, from school to home to the workplace.

Using the Symbol Chat function, the user can communicate by leveraging pre-made grids, which they can customize as they choose, containing symbols that can be "˜spoken' aloud when clicked on. This allows the user to have a voice, through selecting the symbol/s that illustrate the word or phrase that they would like to communicate. This can then be developed to build up sentences, allowing the user to have access to a form of more complex verbal communication.

The Grid 3 supports varying levels of symbol use, from simple to more complex, for varying levels of user communication. The user can even choose to link together several grids to provide a larger vocabulary divided into topics (this is often referred to as "˜dynamic screen communication').

The Symbol Talker grid sets provide a pathway of learning that takes you from early AAC right through to literacy. Resources begin with topic based vocabulary where words are organised for easy sentence building and navigation.


Simple communication grid set in Grid 3


More advanced grid sets are built on the core vocabulary we use most in everyday conversation. You will also notice that there are more cells included in each grid œ introducing a larger vocabulary and more choices.


Grid set with core vocabulary in Grid 3


Smart Grammar

Clever tools in all of the grid sets empower you to say what you want more quickly and more accurately than ever before. The smart grammar feature changes verb cells in your grid intelligently as you write.

Quick Editing

Editing your grid sets is also quick and easy. Using the intuitive editing interface you can add new vocabulary, change symbols or create new grids with only a few clicks.


Editing grid sets is quick and easy


Communicate with Text 

Text communication in Grid 3 empowers literate users to communicate more quickly and more accurately than ever. Grid sets can go from simple typing grids to complex setups with stored messages and predictions. Write sentences by spelling words or selecting complete words, and then speak them aloud.

You can type using:

  • a physical keyboard (including adapted keyboards such as BigKeys)
  • a keyboard grid, displaying a keyboard on the screen
  • grids with complete words or phrases

Chat History 

With the chat history feature, you can choose for Grid 3 to remember everything you ever say, so you can say it again in an instant. There are over 5,000 messages pre-programmed and ready to speak aloud. These messages are presented based on how often you say something and where you are.


Chat history enables Grid 3 to remember everything you ever say


Location relevant phrase suggestions

What you say depends on who you are talking to and where you are. Grid 3 uses your location to suggest phrases, so you can quickly ask for coffee as soon as you enter the coffee shop.


Location-based suggestions in Grid 3


SwiftKey Technology

Grid 3 now uses SwiftKey prediction to increase speed and accuracy. Don't worry if you misspell or mistype a word, just keep writing and Grid 3 can still predict what you want to say.


SwiftKey prediction in Grid 3


A range of keyboards to support all users 

A variety of keyboards are available in Grid 3 that work with different access types and different levels of literacy.


Grid 3 keyboard varieties to support a range of access methods and literacy levels


Environment Control 

Control everything from lamps to your TV with your computer.

Grid 3 - Servus environment control from Smartbox on Vimeo.

Easily navigate environment control grids and make selections with the clean and simple design of every grid in Environment Control.

Easily navigate in Grid 3

Enjoy your favourite TV shows, music, and movies by easily changing the channel, adjusting the volume, and accessing TV guides. The single Selection learning feature for remotes makes setup quick.


Access the TV, change the channels, adjust volume in Grid 3


Program your remote once and you won't need to do it again, as all grids will work, including your TV favourites grid.


Program your remote


Choose your remote control functions. In Grid 3, you can choose to single press (for when you want to turn the TV on/off or pull up a menu), queue actions (which is useful when you want to build a channel number), hold down (when you want to adjust the volume or brightness), and repeat an action (handy when channel surfing).


Choose remote control functions in Grid 3


Answer calls and open the door from within the Grid 3 with only a few selections using a remote controlled telephone or door intercom.


Operate your door and intercom in Grid 3

Control your home through access to many other adapted home accessories, including lights, heaters, beds, windows, and curtains or blinds.


Control a range of adapted accessories in Grid 3

Additional radio control for radio sockets is available through the Grid Pad Pro or Grid Pad Eye, making it possible to operate even more products, like heaters and lamps.


Control radio sockets around the home in Grid 3


Simple Environment Control 

Grid 3 offers a simplified, easy to use grid set for users just starting out with environment control. 


Learn to use environment control with simple grid sets


"˜Hey Grid 3' voice activation

Servus environment control can be used with every type of alternative access, from switch to eye gaze and pointing devices to voice activation.

The new voice activation feature in Grid 3 enables you to activate a cell using your voice. Simply say the words on the cell you wish to select and Grid 3 will do the rest, whether that's changing the channel on your TV or turning on the light in the lounge.


Voice activation in Grid 3


Interactive Learning

The Grid 3

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