Juliet 120 Braille Embosser (double-sided, interpoint)

Product Description
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The next generation of braille embossers is here delivering high-quality braille, but now in a new, modern platform, perfect for school, work, and home settings.

The Juliet and Romeo embossers have always been known as the most convenient and easiest to use. The only braille printers that produce high-quality braille text and graphics over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth at an affordable price. 

The Juliet embosses double-sided and interpoint braille.  For single-sided braille check out the Romeo embosser.  




Easily send files from your iPad® or other mobile device using Bluetooth.

With the built-in UEB (replacement for Grade 2) contracted braille translator and Firebird, Juliet and Romeo supports all your brailling needs.  Your students can even send files directly from HumanWare’s BrailleNote™ Touch for truly one-step braille production!


Tactile Graphics with Firebird

Now everyone can produce tactile graphics at an affordable price.  Firebird extends Juliet's ease of use, so anyone can produce graphics at 50 dpi.  Just import files or draw what you need, and then print.  It’s that easy.

On the BrailleNote Touch, use KeyGraphics, our special graphical tool, to print images directly, without needing extra calibrations.  Compatible and connectable with  HumanWare’s, with the BrailleNote, it’s a great way for teachers or family members to create quick drawings.


  • Unsurpassed braille quality, for easy and confident reading
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled, so you can send files from a computer, iPad or other iOS device, Android device, etc.
  • Firebird tactile graphics software included, so you can handle all your brailling needs in one device
  • Sideways and booklet printing styles, so you can print newspapers and magazines and retain formatting
  • UEB contracted braille translator built in, making it easy to produce braille documents quickly
  • Adjustable braille dot height for individual reading preferences
  • American English speech, designed specifically for the US market
  • Lighted control panel with speech and braille and tactile labels, making it easy for both blind and sighted users
  • Built in the USA.


Technical specifications
  • Voltage: 100-240 V
  • Independent switched power supply: yes
  • Max Power Consumption: 140 W
  • Power in Standby: 5 W
  • Power Auto Shutdown: 0,05 W
  • Noise level: 80 dB(A)
  • Noise Level Inside Enclosures: 60 dB(A)
  • warranty: 1 year



  • Characters per second: 60
  • Braille dot: ETC 40y Supreme US Quality Dot
  • Double Sided with interpoint
  • Paper Form: Tractor Fed
  • Paper Width: 1 to 13
  • Paper Length: 1 to 24
  • Horizontal and Vertical Braille: yes
  • Side-Ways Mode: yes
  • Booklet Format//4 pages+line (Magazine): 2 pages / sheet
  • Pages-Per-Hour: 408
  • Tactile DPI: 50
  • Dot Heights: 2
  • Production embosser (24h-on-24h): yes. Dot accuracy during long hours.
  • Ink: no



  • Automatic Translator built-in // Direct Print: yes
  • Translate DOC's files: Auto! Just send them to the embosser
  • Translate PDF's files: Auto! Just send them to the embosser
  • Translate TXT's files: Auto! Just send them to the embosser
  • PC Translation Software included: No need. Old Tech.
  • PC Graphical Software included: yes. FOC



  • USB: yes
  • USB Memory Stick: yes
  • Network TCP/IP: yes
  • Bluetooth: yes
  • Wi-Fi network (wireless): yes
  • Web Direct Print: yes
  • Mobile Platform Direct Print: yes
  • Braille in control panel: yes
  • Backlighted control panel: yes
  • Speech Feedback: yes
  • Remote Speech Feedback Thru Bluetooth: yes
  • HQ-TTS: USA High-Quality TTS
  • End-user alerts: HQ voiced + Back Lighted
  • Windows Support: yes
  • Mac Support: yes
  • Linux Support: yes



  • width (Inches): 20.5
  • depth (Inches): 10.2
  • height (Inches): 5.1
  • net volume (cubic foot): 0.62
  • weight (lbs): 16.7
  • gross volume (cubic foot): 2.2
  • Gross Weight (lbs): 24.3
Sku: 6806JULIET120
Vendor: Humanware

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