Luminea Bubble Tube

Product Description
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High quality, bubble tube for years of multi-sensory engagement.  Sequential patterns enhance multi-coloured glowing with reflections, sound, vibration.  Even add floating objects for visual tracking.

Combine with other Luminea elements and controllers for an immersive and interactive powerfully therapeutic sensory environment and even customized projected video environments through the THX system.  Including:

  • 6 Button Controller,
  • Giant die,
  • Switch
  • Luminea Tablet
  • The Luminea App

Connect to the SHX system for more access options like voice and eye gaze control

Dimensions: 180 x 20 cm


    • Ultra-vivid luminosity
    • High quality scratch-free plexiglass
    • Compatible with the SHX system & Luminea App
    • AUTO mode: colour changing (cycle) without any controller
    • Switch input for AUTO mode & off
    • Switch input for sequential mode (cycle of 7 colours)
    • DMX 
    • Radio-frequency receiver is compatible with BJLive! controllers
    • Dual WiFi connection: for configuration as well as for connecting to the classroom/home network
    • Three bubble patterns: Continuous, sporadic and sequentially sporadic bubbles
      About Luminea 

      Multisensory rooms are environments for controlling sensory stimulation aiming at helping its users in a therapeutic way:

      • Boosts intellectual activity
      • Promotes interaction and communication
      • Relaxes and calms.


      the SHX System, creates rooms that are not only totally immersive, but interactive, with customizable and adaptable accessibility.


      SHX System creates rooms that are:

      Immersive: press a button and video projections and sounds and other elements transport you to a paradisiacal beach.

      Customizable: upload your own videos, edit the content, and combine with other sensory stimulus – coloured lights, vibration and more.

      Accessible Interactivity: the user can activate and control experiences with a variety of access methods – switch, joystick, eye-gaze, touch etc.  Immersive, engaging empowering cause-effect stimulation.

      Controllable:  In real time by either the therapist or the user so that the sensory experiences are always engaging and positive.

      Therapeutic and educational: The therapist can control the level of interaction and stimulation so the space is adapted to each user’s needs and therapeutic goals.

      Scalable: you can start with just a single element and steadily build and adapt to your communities needs.

      Purpose built:  From Europe, from a leading developer of assistive technology, the SHX System all the Luminea elements are manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards. 


        Sku: 8BJ-LTUB
        Vendor: Qinera

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