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MagniLink Zip is a true CCTV in every way. But it’s also portable – small, lightweight and easy to fold. MagniLink Zip is well known for its image quality and user-friendly operation. Also, it’s fully modularized, meaning that every user can choose between the following:

  • 13,3” or 17,3” monitor
  • with or without battery*
  • with or without integrated A3 (or non-integrated A4) X/Y table*
  • Stand alone or Computer connection (makes it possible to use TTS software and also EUC for individual configuration)*

*Some optional accessories such as a built-in battery, integrated reading table and HDMI/USB connection need to be ordered when you are ordering MagniLink. The dockable (non-integrated) reading table and TTS Software (as long as you have the HDMI/USB installed) can be purchased at a later time.

Refer to the list of available accessories for MagniLink Zip below and order together with the MagniLink Zip desktop magnifier.


Why choose MagniLink Zip?


  • True video magnifier

MagniLink Zip is a compact, portable video magnifier that´s easy to carry along. Yet it provides all the functions offered in a stationary video magnifier.


  • Design

The design has been modernized and now follows the award-winning LVI design line*, introduced with MagniLink Vision. The control panel with tactile buttons and knobs is very easy to operate.


  • Computer connection

With USB/HDMI connection (optional) you can connect a computor (PC/Mac/ Chromebook) and with TTS software for PC/Mac (optional) text can be read aloud.


  • Outstanding image quality

In MagniLink Zip, we have combined all our experience and knowledge with the
latest Full HD-camera. The result is the best image you’ve ever seen in a video magnifier, not to mention in a portable one.


  • Built-in distance camera

A distance camera, adjustable both vertically and horizontally, also offering a Mirror mode, is included.


  • Light and easy

MagniLink Zip is easy to fold up and down and it can easily be stoved away or brought along on a trip. When combined with a battery (optional), it becomes a really neat travelling companion.


Accessories available


1. Choose (if needed) a reading table

MagniLink Zip reading table with friction brakes XY

You have a choice to order an integrated A3 reading table when ordering your MagniLink Zip, or purchase a portable non-integrated reading table at a later time.

2. Choose (if needed) battery

MagniLink Zip battery

With a built-in battery, MagniLink Zip can be used for up to 5 hours without being connected to a power outlet. Has to be ordered with the MagniLink Zip.

3. Choose (if needed) HDMI/USB connectivity option

You can order the HDMI/USB connection with a Text-to-Speech (TTS) software and computer connection software for Win/Mac when ordering your video magnifier, or you can choose to order just the HDMI/USB connection without the software and purchase the TTS software at a later time.



Sku: 72MLZFHD13
Vendor: LVI

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