Earobics, Classroom Suite -- "Where has my software gone!"

Earobics, Classroom Suite -- "Where has my software gone!"

earobics discontinuedThe popular, venerable Earobics was recently discontinued by its publisher, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.
Earobics has been a go-to for educators and speech language pathologists looking for thorough, well thought-out phonemic awareness training.  Uniquely, Earobics put the hearing and recognition part of phoneme decoding first, ahead of word construction and letter combinations.  

For close to two decades Earobics emphasis on language comprehension through listening skills made it popular for a wide range of individuals with reading challenges including Level 1-2 English Language Learners.

 Wordmaker screenshots by don johnston phonemic awareness phonemes software app

Popular alternatives to Earobics from Bridges, include Simon Sounds it Out and Wordmaker.  If you’re looking to literacy Curricula and resources that include phonemic awareness training try Start-to-Finish Core Curriculum and the Meville to Weville Don Johnston Package.

Classroom Suite is another foundational piece of software that has recently gone to the great discontinued bin in the sky after a history that stretches back to the early days of alternative access in the early 1990’s. 

These titles still have a substantial active user bases.  But publishers have found it hard to justify the cost of redeveloping software when old graphic authoring platforms like Macromedia Flash and QuickTime are put to pasture by the big boys, Adobe and Apple, respectively.

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