New iPad OS Tested with TrackBalls, Joysticks and other Alternative Access Devices

New iPad OS Tested with TrackBalls, Joysticks and other Alternative Access Devices

Back at the beginning of the summer we wrote about the new accessibility features coming to the iPad (SEE “Coming Soon: Mouse control added to the new iPadOS”.)  Being able to connect a mouse or other typical pointing devices with a lightning to USB adapter or Bluetooth connection, opens-up a wealth of possibilities for alternative access users.

We’re talking about devices such as:

• Joysticks
• Trackballs
• Headmouse
• And more


Back in June controlling your iPad with a mouse was still conceptual. So we promised to test some of our alternative access tools on the beta version of the new iPad OS over the summer.

Well Vinesh our tech support superhero guided by our wise sage of all things Assistive Tech, Kim Mitchell have been busy plugging and playing. They reported back.

We used a lightening USB adapter and connected a number of specialized pointing devices aka mouse alternatives to iPads.

Want to see how to connect alternative/mice keyboards with an iPad in the new OS? Check out this video from Ablenet on using iPad with a TinyMouse and their new redesigned TrackerPro 2 head mouse with the iPad. 


[An aside: YES, the redesigned and improved TrackerPro 2 from Ablenet is here!

With improved camera hardware, mounting and integrated switch input for super smooth operation.

Check it out.

We connected to the iPad a variety of alternative access devices, including:

BJoy Chin Mouse


The BJoy Ring for adapting a wheelchair joystick


N’Abler joystick 


Optimax roller ball 


And a large key keyboard


All worked flawlessly with minimal setup and futzing around with a lighting to USB adapter.

As we mentioned in June, some customizing is built into the iPad OS settings.

But for additional customization and support, you might want to turn to the new AMAneo BTI Bluetooth accessibility interface. The AMAneo BTI delivers anti-tremor filters, plug ‘n play wireless or wired connectivity, plus switch ports for mouse clicks.

Getting access to a myriad, of specialized joysticks, trackballs and other pointing devices is a good opportunity to review and compare the benefits of the specialized pointing devices from BJoy and the n-Abler. We’ll do that in a future post.

Also we’ve recently discovered some new and exciting alternative access pointing tools from three different continents! (I wish I could say we got to travel to source them, but, alas, the developers came to us…)

Keep an eye out for some great new product announcements in the very near future.

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