AMAneo BTi - Assistive Mouse Adapter for iOS

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With the new AMAneo BTi adapter from Inclusive Technology it is now possible to operate iPads and iPhones with any assistive mouse: rollerball, joystick, or headmouse. 

Until now, students with severe physical disabilities could only operate an iPad or iPhone by switch control and the time-consuming scanning function within the iOS. The AMAneo BTi adapter has made mouse control for iPads and iPhones easy and quick.

Please note: The adapter is compatible with iPhone 5s or higher, iPad 5 (Air) or higher, iPad Pro, iPad Mini 2 or higher. Devices must support iAP2 and iOS 11 and above.



  • Connects to the iOS device via Bluetooth
  • No additional apps needed to connect and use the device
  • Built-in anti-tremor filter
  • Additional assistive interaction features available
  • Includes two switch ports for switch accessibility



The device doesn't require any app installation. Simply connect the AMAneo BTi to the iOS device via Bluetooth and the touch pointer will automatically appear on the screen, allowing the user to navigate around the screen and interact with a mouse. 


Assistive Touch Menu 

The AMAneo BTi integrated menu makes it possible to use all the functionality of the hardware buttons on the iDevice. Left click to open Apps or a web browser, click and drag to move between screens and right click to open the Assistive Touch menu.


Anti-Tremor Filter
Built into AMAneo BTi, the innovative anti-tremor filter and additional functions will help users with severe hand or head tremors use the device without problems. The adapter electronically filters the shaking of the hand or head so that the on-screen touch pointer moves smoothly.


Assistive Interaction

Users with a physical disability can also benefit from several additional features which can be accessed and adjusted easily:

  • Left click - open Apps or web browser
  • Click and drag - move between screens and within applications that support click and drag
  • Right click - open the Assistive Touch Menu and provide instant access to several iOS controls including volume control, screen rotation and the home button.
  • Click delay - mouse clicks will only activate after a set amount of time has passed
  • Auto click - left click automatically if the mouse remains at the same point for a set amount of time

    Operating AMAneo BTi

    Operating the AMAneo BTi mouse adaptor for iOS devices

    1. Micro USB connector for charging the integrated battery
    2. 10-stage bar graph display
    3. Minus key (for setting: decrease value)
    4. Plus key (for setting: increase value , check battery charge level)
    5. Status LED
    6. Selection key (select settings: Anti tremor filter, click delay, auto click)
    7. Connection of separate buttons for Touch function (corresponds to left mouse button)
    8. Port for assistive or ergonomic USB mouse
    9. Connection of separate buttons for AssistiveTouch menu (corresponds to right mouse button)


    Technical Specifications
    • Bluetooth connection to iOS devices
    • USB port for assistive / ergonomic mouse
    • Battery lasts up to 20 hours of operation (battery level is indicated on the device), and can be charged via micro USB port
    • Adjustable: Anti tremor filter, click delay and auto click (click timer)
    • Additional 2 connections for external switches (left / right mouse button)
    • Fully integrated AssistiveTouch menu. This makes it possible to use all the functionality of the hardware buttons on the iPhone or iPad
    • Compatible with iPhone 5s or higher, iPad 5 (Air) or higher, iPad Pro, iPad Mini 2 or higher. Please note: AMAneo BTi is compatible with devices supporting iAP2 and iOS 11 and above.
    • Dimensions: 7.7cm x 7.7cm x 2.6c
    Sku: 169384

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