Kurzweil firefly ramps-up document versatility/management

Kurzweil firefly ramps-up document versatility/management

Kurzweil has added a plethora of new features to firefly in recent weeks.  firefly is a tool that lets you read Kurzweil, PDF and other files through virtually every Flash enabled web browser (firefly has a sister app for the iPad, too).  firefly is available free when K3000 is purchased with a web license, including unlimited web license (learn more about K3000 web licenses here).

So what's new?


New file management in K3000 firefly Universal Library. Note the added Upload and Open File from Computer functions.

  1. Open files from your computer desktop straight into firefly.  Now a student or teacher can walk-up to any computer that runs a Flash browser and open a pdf, K3000 and other files straight into firefly without running a full version of K3000.  It also means you can open a file from a thumb drive or any other external drive that you plug into the computer.  A whole new way to get easy access to books and articles. And if you've got the unlimited license you can get access on any computer in your school.
  2. firefly supports even more document types. You can now open a variety of files straight into firefly (DOC, RTF, TXT, KES, or PDF).  This means you don't have to open the file in K3000 first to convert it to K3000 file format: no "save as" or "virtual print" necessary.
  3. UL file management flexibility. You can now drag and drop files between folders in the Universal Library (UL).  The UL -- Kurzweil's cloud storage system that comes with a web license subscription -- now presents as a “tree structure.”  We've found that with the tree structure and dragging and dropping, it is a whole lot easier for users to understand, organize, navigate, locate, and manipulate the location of their files

The features above are in addition to the recently uploaded new Help videos and the “time on site” element added to the already robust reporting features.

One of the nice things about having web delivered software (also known as Software As Service or SAS in IT speak) is that you're not chained to a development cycle.  As a manufacturer adds new features or tools, they can role them out without thinking about where they are in the school year.  Because a district or board's IT department doesn't have to re-image their machines to push out an update or upgrade to firefly.  Because firefly is on the web, as soon as a user logs in they get the new features.

We're expecting even more developments from K3000 in firefly ahead of the start of the next school year -- stay tuned.

Is there a Kurzweil 3000 function you wish was there in firefly? Let us know and we'll pass it on to developers.

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