COVID Update: Don Johnston, Clicker apps available for home

COVID Update: Don Johnston, Clicker apps available for home

With most schools closed across the country and increasingly in the US, Britain and Europe too, many of our major manufacturing partners are making their apps available to support parents of children with learning challenges.

Recognizing that some of the most vulnerable students are going home for eLearning, Don Johnston (developers of Co:Writer, Snap & Read and Readtopia) and Crick (makers of Clicker) have both offered special programs in response to the current crisis.  Read below for details.

Other of our partner developers, publishers and manufacturers have or are announcing special offers, relevant to the current situation.  Please, stay connected on our social media feeds – Facebook, Twitter and email list – for updates from our other software development partners. 



Crick, the publishers of Clicker are offering any school that is affected by coronavirus closures free access for every student and teacher on their home devices to:

  • Clicker for elementary schools – works on iPad, Chromebook, Windows & Mac.


  • DocsPlus for middle/high schools – works on Chromebook, Windows & Mac.

These applications deliver child-friendly word processing support, and engaging resources on a wide range of curriculum topics to kick-start writing.  With easy sharing options, these apps can be used on and offline.

Visit Crick page here to apply.  Crick will be in touch with access codes and installation information.


Don Johnston

Don Johnston Inc is providing access to Co:Writer, Snap&Read and other essential supports for accommodated learning. Occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, physio therapists, educators etc. can apply for access to these web based apps that support students with reading writing challenges for whatever reason i.e. dyslexia, on the autism spectrum, English language learners, brain injuries, and/or other physical/cognitive or sensory disabilities.

  • Co:Writer,for writing with intelligent word prediction, voice recognition and academic vocab support.
  • Snap&Read text reading and studying and researching tool
  • Wordbank reading/writing vocab building
  • Quizbot: quiz creation tool
  • UPar: learning accommodation assessment

Whether you’re part of a school district that is a current subscriber or are new to these tools, you can apply. Don Johnston will pass information from Canadians to Bridges and we’ll then contact you with next steps. Keep in mind that this is a manual process in an utterly unprecedented set of circumstances. We’re not certain how long it will take to process and respond to requests – please be patient.

Note that this offer is designed for professionals. So parents should work though their schools or district to make a request to access these tools.

You can also get a free Readtopia thematic unit around the theme Working Together. This unit provides four weeks of content—all accessible from a central website. It’s a great way to have resources in place that can be shared with parents and caregivers. 

Get Access to free Readtopia Unit

Read the updates from Don Johnston here.

You can request access here.

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