Learn At School or At Home with Readtopia

Learn At School or At Home with Readtopia

Do you work with students with complex learning needs? Do you struggle to find age-appropriate, engaging material at different levels?

As children were forced into at home learning this past spring many Canadian educators and parents discovered that Readtopia may be the solution they were looking for.

Designed for upper elementary, middle, and high school students with complex learning needs, Readtopia is a comprehensive literacy curriculum, integrating learning in science, social studies, math, and functional life skills.



All materials in Readtopia are provided online, so whether students are learning at school or at home, materials can be easily shared, using your sharing platform of choice.

Teachers appreciate the detailed lesson guides, filled with evidence based instructional strategies; the levelled graphic novels and informational text; engaging audio and video that builds and activates their students’ background knowledge; and range of phonics and word study activities that meet their students where they are at. Teachers no longer need to spend hours of work, creating and re-creating materials at different levels.



Students who have struggled with reading for many years, are excited to learn with Readtopia. They engage with the wide range of leveled text, make connections to themselves and to other areas of the curriculum, and extend their learning beyond the classroom.



Here’s what teachers say about Readtopia and how their students respond: 

  • "I was a bit of a skeptic at first but my students loved the topics, the discussion that I had with students that would never engage in class with their peers engage in our group. I would highly recommend this to any of my colleagues.  Couple of students that I managed to test before the pandemic hit went up a couple of levels too.  I was getting comprehension and discussion that I had never seen before"
  • "During distance learning a student indicated he was “really, really excited because I get to do this”
  • "On several occasions, the students expressed that Readtopia is their favourite class. They appreciated that no assumptions were made about their learning, they were given materials which are manageable, and that the pace was driven by their learning, not by the content that needs to be covered. This allowed students time to solidify their learning."
  • "The visual/auditory support provided by this program was amazing. The students had such a strong base of background knowledge by the time they got to the text that they were able to experience success.  They were engaged and were proud of themselves.  My one student would say, this is so easy! She doesn’t get to say that very often!"

Get the most out of Readtopia with our step-by-step video tutorials:


Use Snap & Read With Readtopia  - watch now! 

Combine Snap & Read reading tools with the digital materials provided in Readtopia for support students struggling with reading and reading comprehension.


Use Writing Support With Readtopia watch now! 

Reading materials in Readtopia are often followed by writing activities for students. This video goes over the tools available in Snap & Read and Co:Writer to support students with writing.

As you begin this new and unusual school year, consider making Readtopia part of your plan for delivering high quality, engaging, comprehensive literacy instruction to your students with complex learning needs.

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  • Bogdan Pospielovsky
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