Switch Adapted Toys -- Summer Fun

Switch Adapted Toys -- Summer Fun

Let’s Get Ready for Some Summertime Fun!

 At Bridges, we want to make sure every family has what they need to ensure they can ALL enjoy playing together this summer! 

Whether it’s getting lost inside their own imagination in the backyard or passing the time in animated adventures with friends, we’ve got accessible toys for all kinds of different play! 


Johnny the Tractor
No outdoor project is complete without Johnny the tractor!  Durable enough for bumps and bounces, Johnny is equipped to accompany young farm lovers on their next garden adventure.
(Not suitable or recommended for wet environments.)

Blue Whale Bubble Machine

What child doesn’t love summer bubble fun?  Our oversized Blue Whale Bubble Machine generates tons of bubbles to chase, pop or watch float away at the press of a switch!  Giggles guaranteed!

Robo Wars Dinos

Host epic Dino Wars battles outside in their natural habitat!  Our Stegosaurus and T-Rex are sure to delight any dino lover!

Remote Controlled Cars

Take the raceway outdoors with our remote-controlled McLaren Senna and Lamborghini Sian.  Car lovers are sure to get excited about showing off these classic beauties!

All our switch adapted toys come with a 1-year warranty and boundless entertainment!


Creative outdoor play is limitless with Powerlink!

Powerlink 4 provides access to any electrical device with a single switch.  Open a lemonade stand, cool off with a fan, play with pinwheels, help with the gardening or start a water fight for the ages!  The summer fun possibilities are endless!

Check out this article with great ideas and directions for accessible summer activities with the Powerlink


Need switches?


Piko Button

These, incredibly durable switches are available in a variety of sizes, colours, resistance levels.  The Piko’s can take a lot of abuse and can stand up to the rigours of outdoor use. There’s even a waterproof option!


Specs Switch

This compact switch comes in a variety of colours and provides an auditory click and tactile feedback when activated.


Big Red Switch

With a large surface area, tactile and auditory feedback and colourful switch plates that allow you to customize with the colour of your choice, the Big Red Switch is a perfect choice for accommodating kids with all kinds of abilities!


Candy Corn Switch

A fantastic proximity sensor switch, available in 2 sizes.  Both are highly sensitive switches that do not require physical touch to activate. 



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