Using Reading and Writing Supports with Readtopia

Using Reading and Writing Supports with Readtopia

Students Can Use Reading and Writing Supports with Readtopia!

Readtopia’s levelled, digital curricular content makes it so easy for teachers to support students’ language arts instruction at home, with text-to-speech too.

This is the second in a series of blog posts where we’ll look at how you can support students with complex needs when learning at home.

Readtopia is a comprehensive reading program for students with complex needs integrating English language arts with social studies and science.  With a levelled text, graphic novels and videos, delivered entirely online - Readtopia has proven to be a popular option in the home based learning forced by the pandemic.


Reading to understand information is an important life skill for all students and can be a particular struggle for students with complex learning challenges.

Delivered in pdf format, additional text to speech can be easily added to Readtopia for even more support for reading and writing tasks. Whether they are learning at school or at home, students benefit from using a variety of reading and writing supports to access material, make sense of what they are reading and learning, and then demonstrate their learning through writing. Using such supports also allows students to do so independently!

When reading the levelled Informational Text in Readtopia, students can open their text to speech tool to listen as they read. Watch an example of how easy it is to use Snap & Read to listen while reading a piece of Informational Text from Readtopia.

After reading, students are often required to write about what they read. Again, those digital materials provided in Readtopia make it seamless for students to access helpful writing supports, both at school and at home.

Students can use text to speech tools to read questions and use annotation tools to select multiple choice answers, or type written answers. Other tools like word prediction and speech to text, may be needed to support students with writing. Using these tools can help students to show their learning in an independent way.  Students can use the writing supports they have available. Here’s an example using Snap and Read annotation tools and Co:writer.

Having digital material already available in Readtopia allows teachers to share materials easily and students to independently use the reading and writing tools they require to read and respond to their reading.

It’s a win for everyone!

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