Mothers Day Symbolized Vocab List in Seconds -- New Tool

Mothers Day Symbolized Vocab List in Seconds -- New Tool

May holiday's in Symbols Part 1!

Our Mother's Day Vocab list (download below) shows off the new Widgit Online Feature, Populate Frames.  

With this new free feature a user can instantly create up to 500 word symbol supported vocab sheets, flashcards or other materials from a list of words.  It's now built into the Create a Grid window in Widgit Online.

We're in the 2 X 4 Vocabulary template and we click on the Populate Frames button a the top of the page. 


populate frames widgit online mothers day pic bridges canada


Then just paste your vocab list into the window.  You can paste up to 500 words!


widgit vocab populate frames mothers day shot bridges canada


Click Populate Frames and...


widgit mothers day vocab canada bridges populate frames tool


It takes seconds to create a symbolized resource with a large vocabulary.

CLICK HERE to download a pdf of our Mother's Day Vocab List.

Use it with the optional Dual Language Tool to add second language support. 

In this example we used Hindi but the Dual Language option translates any number of languages.

It will read with Hindi text to speech too.

 CLICK HERE to download a pdf of the Hindi/English version of the Mother's Day Vocab List.

widgit online vocab populate mothersday hindi canada translate


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