Will Spring Come Early, or is Winter Here to Stay? It's Groundhog Day!

Will Spring Come Early, or is Winter Here to Stay? It's Groundhog Day!

By the time February rolls around, it feels like spring just can't come soon enough (unless you're a ski addict like some folks at the Bridges office). But for everyone longing for winter to be done already, today's a big day! It's Groundhog Day! According to folklore, if the groundhog emerges today and sees his shadow, spring will come early. But if the groundhog notices his shadow, we still have over a month of winter weather. 

To mark the occasion, we've drafted up some free symbolized resources for your classroom all in Widgit Online.

Download our Groundhog Day article, our Groundhog Day Haiku, or our word search.

Are you making Groundhog Day poems or stories in your classroom? Let us know! Send in photos or electronic copies of your students' groundhog day poems and we'll feature them on our website. 


Groundhog Day Symbolized Article


Download the Symbolized Groundhog Day Article


Groundhog Day Symbolized Haiku


Download the Symbolized Groundhog Day Haiku


Goundhog Day Word Search made in Widgit Online


Download the Groundhog Day Word Search 

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