Bridges EyeLearn Packages


Bridges EyeLearn Packages give you everything you need to turn a Windows Computer into a classroom eye gaze system 

Simple and quick to setup

Flexible enough to switch with different needs

A range of ready activities to build access and early learning skills

Open new insight into student abilities, potentials and challenges through assessment tools

Use with other eye gaze ready software, like Clicker 6, ChooseIt! Maker 3, the Grid, and Look to Learn

Our EyeLearn systems are ideal for a classroom supporting a wide variety of students with profound and complex learning needs as a result of rett syndrome, cerebral palsy, ASD and other physical, cognitive and sensory challenges. Packages include software and hardware for learning and teaching with eye gaze.


EyeLearn Desktop Package



Included in both packages are eye gaze camera that are lightweight, reliable, designed and maximized for the classroom setting with larger targets, easy calibration, and flexible range of users.  

The camera's simple USB connection of makes it easy to mount, setup, and use. There is a calibration process but many students can just walk up and use. Look at the screen and you are ready to attend, engage, explore, play, choose, and learn! You can use the camera to move the mouse cursor around the screen. Dwell, blink or press a switch to select an area on screen, with single and double click functions. You can also select and drag the mouse cursor and easily access menus and configurations.

The MyGaze eye gaze camera comes with both the Rolling and Desktop Packages


Articulated Arm 

Both systems also come with a sturdy, flexible articulated arm for mounting the monitor with the eye gaze camera. It offers an extremely wide range of positioning options without having to loosen or lock anything. With just fingertip control, the arm dips down low enough for a student in a wheelchair or a bean bag or swings high up for someone standing or using a walker. Assemble with the included Allen key (or hex key) in minutes. The EyeLearn tilts up, down, sideways or back, for almost any head position. The arm can be mounted to a desktop (pictured below) or rolling mount (see the EyeLearn Rolling Package). 


One-person, one-handed easy positioning and repositioning  Pivoting and rotating head to get to individual student gaze, regardless of head tilt No tools required for adjustments



Both Rolling and Desktop EyeLearn Packages include the Inclusive Eye Gaze Learning Curve software bundle. This bundle Includes 3 eye gaze titles designed to take students through a progression of skill building activities. Built-in analytical tools allow staff to monitor students’ progress and gain new insights. 

Inclusive's Eye Gaze Learning Curve software bundle is included in both EyeLearn Rolling and Desktop packages.

Attention and Looking 

A unique package of 18 carefully graded activities designed to assess and teach attention and looking skills, simple access skills and understanding of eye gaze.

These fun and meaningful activities can be used with all children on their first steps with eye gaze. They provide a progression of skills from experiential and cause and effect to targeting, and include customisable activities to cater for specific interests and motivations. Powerful but simple to use analysis and record keeping tools help you to assess initial skills and keep accurate records of progress.

This title builds early eye gaze skills: 

  • Tracking - what are you looking at? 
  • Fixating - are you looking? 
  • Locating - looking around


This title builds early eye gaze skills - tracking, fixating, and locating

Choosing and Learning 

The Choosing and Learning package is designed to prepare eye gaze users for further communication and learning activities by developing choice making and access skills.

Add your own pictures and sounds to extend the 18 activities to your specific communication and curriculum needs.

This title supports growth of choice making skills: 

  • Preferred choices
  • Linear choices
  • Multiple choices

Exploring and Playing 

18 fun packed games and exploring opportunities that users can play on their own and with friends. Assess and improve your targeting and access skills and progress from cause and effect to early choice making. This title builds on choice making and turn taking skills:

  • Turn taking
  • Exploring
  • Choosing anything 



Bridges EyeLearn Packages

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