Grid Products

The Grid line of software and communication aids, from Smartbox, provides you with a complete AAC solution tailored to fit your individual needs.

Grid 3

With the Grid 3, you can do so much more, from symbolised email and SMS, to quick and accurate communication for text users. There are tools and all new features to make saying what you want, accessing your computer and controlling your environment easier than ever before, using every type of access.

All Grid Pad products come equipped with the Grid 3.

Grid Pad 

Smatbox's range of communication aids provide the ultimate solution for users of alternative communication technology. There are three types of Grid Pad and each one is packed full of features to suit your needs.

Eye Gaze

With the Grid Pad Eye, you can navigate and control your computer by tracking where you are looking. The Grid Pad Eye comes with the Alea Intelligaze eye gaze camera. 


Grid Products

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