Interact with light as never before! 

The unmatched accessibility of Luminea interactive lighting technology for sensory environments’ -- switch, touch tablet, even eye gaze access – puts the user in control.  Versatile and scalable, start with one appliance -- bubble tubefiber opticsball poolstarry sky etc. -- and build to a full immersive environment. Easily customize colour, intensity, patterns and more and let the user control the interaction for limitless therapeutic possibilities. 


Unmatched ease of control! 

With the Luminea App & exclusive SHX technology, facilitators can set up a variety of levels of control. Sound, vibration, trackable floatation effects and more are customized and combined easily through the app or right on some of the devices themselves.   

It’s easy to create endless variations that boost therapeutic value and opportunities for engagement. Best of all, with a Luminea sensory environment you can design as you go.  Add appliances such as mirrors, projections, lamps, luminous carpets and more over time, scaling your environment to your community’s changing needs.   


LUMINEA - The ultimate progression for a sensory room 


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