Big, small, we've got 'em all!

Well perhaps not all, but we carry dozens of switches for simple access to devices, computers and tablets.  Choose from adjustable, wireless, waterproof and even switches that can be activated with a breath (sip and puff) or a blink (sensory switches).

Remember, in many cases, the switch you use for a computer can also be plugged into a switch adapted toy or electronic device. 

BUT to plug that same switch into a computer you will need a switch interface that takes that simple on/off signal and turns into something the computer will understand. 

Need switch access for an iPad?  Look for a Bluetooth switch like the Blue2 or a switch interface like the Hook or APPlicator.

Need access for a Chromebook?  Look for a Bluetooth switch like the Blue2 or a USB based interface (without drivers) like the Don Johnston Switch Interface Pro. 


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