Blended Learning Software Packages

Blended Learning Software Packages


Kurzweil 3000

Kurzweil provides support for reading, writing, research and test taking across the curriculum. New features are being delivered on a regular basis. This training will provide educators with the ability to incorporate the features of Kurzweil web license into regular classroom instruction, using the Universal library and Google drive to support sharing. Participants will be introduced to firefly and to the Read the Web extension, allowing use across devices. 


Full day introductory Workshop (face to face, hands-on guided instruction)

Using Kurzweil desktop version, this workshop will provide participants with:

  • An understanding of the file formats compatible with Kurzweil and how to access them within Kurzweil 
  • An understanding of the features that can be incorporated into before reading, during reading and after reading strategies to support reading comprehension 
  • An understanding of how the writing features support process writing from brainstorming through revision and editing.  
  • An understanding of the test taking preparation and test taking features of Kurzweil An understanding of how the Universal library and Google drive can support file management and sharing

Half day Workshop: (face to face, hands-on guided instruction) 

Using firefly, participants already comfortable with Kurzweil desktop, will be introduced to the features of firefly for supporting all of the areas listed in the full day workshop (acquisition of digital files, reading, writing, and test taking). It will also support participants in understanding how to set up classes and use the Universal library and Google drive to support classroom assignments and sharing. 


1. Supporting reading comprehension across devices 

This webinar will provide an overview of how the reading, vocabulary and annotation tools can be used across platforms (desktop, browser, iPad, phone) to support reading comprehension. 

2. Supporting process writing across devices

This webinar will provide an overview of the features of Kurzweil that support process writing from brainstorming through revision and editing. A variety of supports such as mind mapping, word prediction, word lists, and editing checklists will be demonstrated in both the desktop version and firefly. 

3. Test Taking

This webinar will outline common test taking strategies and Kurzweil tools that support them. Participants will be introduced to locking features and toolbar customization that educators can employ to set up documents for assessment purposes. They will also be introduced to the tools commonly used by students to support test taking. 

    Read&Write Toolbars

    This workshop is designed to introduce G Suite and use of the Read&Write toolbars to support use of Google docs, Google slides, reading on the web and accessing PDF documents.   

    Bridges instructors are certified Google educators and are Read&Write for Google Chrome certified. They have many hours of experience training students and teachers in different aspects of the Google environment to support learning for all students.


    Half day Workshop:

    Participants will

    • Understand how to use the Read&Write toolbar to support before reading and during reading strategies on the web and in PDF documents
    • Understand how to use the Read&Write toolbar to support writing in Google docs and Google slides
    • Understand the grammatical and spelling supports provided by Co:Writer
    • Understand how to use the Read&Write toolbars to engage in activities such as notetaking, and working on project and presentations

    Full Day Workshop

    A full day workshop will introduce G Suite and commonly used applications using the Chrome browser. Google drive, Google docs, Google slides and Google forms will be introduced in conjunction with the Co:Writer, Word bank, and Snap&Read extensions, making it possible for ALL students to learn and achieve.