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Insight is an intelligent, individualised learning and assessment tool that objectively measures early vision and cognition behaviours using eye gaze technology.

Featuring engaging, small step progressive teaching activities, Insight uses eye gaze to assess vision and cognition behaviours of students with even the most complex learning needs:

  • Eye gaze gets to the core of abilities using the most intuitive form of reaction and expression – Insight channels this
  • Insight will work with any eye tracker that emulates mouse cursor movement on the screen 
  • Regardless of calibration quality or the eye gaze device used, Insight can still measure skills and provide assessment results

Functional Vision

To find out how your students take in information, Insight provides continuous assessment of the core functional vision skills essential for ALL Visual Learning.

Designed for students with significant visual difficulties and CVI and all students at risk of vision problems (Cerebral Palsy, learning difficulties, hearing impairment, Epilepsy, Profound/Multiple Learning Disabilities).

Early Cognition

To find out what they do with visual information, the cognitive learning goals give a unique insight into students’ higher-level processing skills and ability to interact with intent and purpose. Designed for all students with significant physical difficulties and those developing alternative access, contingency awareness and choice making skills.

Core Learning

Insight provides the foundation visual learning skills to aid development of early language, literacy and communication using technology, preparing students for further subject specific learning and AAC readiness.

Insight provides objective and accurate assessment to reflect true abilities, not possible using standard observation techniques or gaze viewing software. Automatic progress tracking, interpretation and intelligent recommendations save valuable teaching time and enable easy evaluation and sharing of information.

Universal Design for Learning

Insight includes a wide variety of content to suit individual preferences, small step progressive levels to include all abilities and game-based design to maximise engagement.

With 100’s of assessment activities, you can continually monitor progress whilst your students develop skills at their own level and pace. No eye gaze or calibration skills needed. Just position your eye tracker and have fun!

Access Progressive Learning

Insight’s Learning Goals focus on key milestones in early learning. They follow a developmental progression and can be used flexibly as an assessment tool, or sequentially for progressive learning.


Visual Sensory + Oculomotor Functions, Detection + Targeting, Gaze Shift and Steadiness, Smooth Pursuit and Accuracy


Noticing Stimuli, Reacting to Different Stimuli, Sustained Attention, Following Moving Images


Awareness, Investigation


Selective Attention, Visual Perception and Memory, Visual Search + Discrimination


Anticipation, Communicating “More”, Contingency Responding and Awareness, Intentional Exploration, Sequencing Actions, Selecting from two or more, Early Problem Solving + Prediction


Anticipation, Persistence

Individualised Learning

Activities are arranged in carefully graded steps to enable students to work at their own level and pace. Start off easily then follow the intelligent recommendations for optimal learning progression.

A wide variety of stimuli are used to suit all ages and interests, packed into fun game designs to aid long term engagement – essential for consistent assessment and continued development.


After each activity play, Insight provides immediate and detailed feedback on performance. These detailed reports transform your student performance data into simple, engaging and intuitive progression reports.Reports can be saved, shared, printed and viewed live on the FREE Insight App.

Smart Analysis

Insight’s unique analysis enables students’ performance to be precisely measured and interpreted over time, so that progress in all forms can be recognised – a powerful and sought-after tool to help inform and evaluate practice.

See progress across all learning goals. Overall Performance reports give an instant picture of a student’s global ability levels for vision and cognition.

Accurately track progress. Historical Performance reports provide a unique insight into patterns of progression over time.

Intelligent Eye Tracking

Insight works with most eye trackers* to analyse looking behaviours and provide easy access using just your eyes.

Simply set up your eye tracker**, position and play. No previous eye gaze experience needed – activities require simple or no interaction. No calibration skills needed - Specifically constructed activities and algorithms measure ability levels regardless of calibration quality, providing true measures of skill for all learners, including those unable to calibrate with eye gaze – a world first!

Insight works with most eye trackers* to analyse looking behaviours and provide easy access using just your eyes.