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Literacy and STEM Learning for ALL -- Hands-On in Scarborough

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Join us for a day of hands-on exploration of resources and networking with colleagues that engage ALL students in meaningful learning to build communication, connection, independence, and a joy of learning!

You’ll also have a chance to check out some new instructional resources for teaching sexual health and other health topics, adapted toys, and other AT.adapted toys, and other AT.

Plus get a preview of our new professional learning series, Delivering on the Right to Literacy for Students with Complex Learning Needs

Come for a half or a full day – pick the session that best meets yours and your students’ needs.

Morning Session (9:30 -11:30 pm)

Explore debug’d Inclusive Coding kits:

  • Meet the authors and try out the robots and learning materials.
  • Experience how debug’d lessons create meaningful learning opportunities across the curriculum.
  • Learn how coding can foster growth in other important skills, such as communication, collaboration, problem-solving and more!
  • Hear from students and staff who share their excitement and discoveries while learning to code.
  • Understand how the UDL approach meets the needs of all learners, in general education and special education classrooms.

Explore Equals Math:

  • Learn about the approach and components within Equals Math.
  • Experience how the differentiated tools and strategies support learners with diverse learning needs.
  • Understand the progression of learning that each lesson follows.

Afternoon Session 12:30 - 2:30pm:

Learn about how you can meet the Right to Read recommendations with Readtopia and ReadtopiaGO

  • Experience engaging scaffolded lessons that support special education teachers in building readers and writers, regardless of learning needs.
  • Understand why all students require a comprehensive literacy program.
  • Explore the leveled, age-respectful materials that captivate and motivate students.
  • Hear success stories, as shared by educators and students across the country.


When: Thursday, April 11, 2024 9:30 am until 2:30 pm
Where: Bridges Canada - Head Office
2123 McCowan Road, Scarborough, M1S 3Y6

***Lunch and snacks provided! ***