Clevy Keyboard - Uppercase

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A strong, durable keyboard ideal for, students learning to type or needing a more durability.  Attractive colours and design make learning letters and typing reading and fun. 

Keys: To improve targeting, keys are 30% bigger than an average keyboard with printed characters 4 times larger using fonts that are common in school settings.  

Clear Layout: The keys of the Clevy Keyboard are arranged vertically to improve hand positioning for children and to make the appearance less cluttered. 

Solid Construction: Built with internal steel frame for durability.  While most keyboards use membrane-type internal switches, which are far less durable and consistent, Clevy keyboards, have each individual key mounted onto a high-quality, mechanical switch capable of handling well over 60 million keystrokes.  

Spill Proof: The housing on Clevy keyboards are designed to guide any spilled fluids straight through the keyboard, keeping liquids away from the internal electronics. 


Note: The Simplyworks Keyboard requires a Simplyworks receiver.   


  • Layout: Qwerty 
  • Connection: Bluetooth, Simply Works, USB, Wired 
  • OS Compatibility: iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows 
  • Connectivity Requirement: 2x AA battery, Bluetooth 4.0, Simply Works Receive, USB-A 
About Simplyworks

Simply works is a system that connects multiple peripherals €“ switches, mice, keyboards  -- to one receiver, wire-free. Plug a Simply Works Receiver (not included) into a PC via USB and up to 6 different input devices can connect to it.    Use Simply Works for a classroom computer where several students use different kinds of input methods.  No more need to unplug a teacher€™s mouse so that one student can use their specialized joystick or for a different student to use their switches for whole class activities.

Simply Works is also a solution for students who use different input devices in combination or for different activities €“ now they can have their switches, keyboards, joysticks, always connected and ready.

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