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Bridges' Online Course for Parents

Learn to help your child with reading & writing, using their Assistive Technology!




If you want to help your child with reading and writing using AT, educATe Family can get you there


Helping your child with reading and writing doesn't have to be complicated. 

Become a homework help pro - the educATe Family online course can get you there



educATe Family is an online course with a series of short video lessons, combined with research and additional PDF resources, that provides guidance to parents who are supporting their child in using Assistive Technology for reading and writing. The lectures offer useful reading and writing strategies, and the best ways to use various tech tools to support literacy.


With a one-time purchase through our webstore, or via Purchase Order (contact us to learn more buying educATe family with POs) you will have access to the full range of lectures included with educATe Family, whenever you want, wherever you want. Take the course at your own pace – once you purchase, you have access to the course forever.

Plus, educATe Family is software-neutral, and applies to any device. This means that parents will be able to apply the lessons to whatever tech tools their child uses to learn!  


Supporting your child with reading and writing - using Assistive Technology

A common challenge facing many parents is how to help their children complete homework assignments, when reading and writing are such a struggle.

We know that, in order for all students to be successful, students must be able to read and write to learn about new topics in school. Often, reading is followed by writing about what they have read. Reading affects writing and writing affects reading.

It is difficult to separate reading and writing when learning. For the purpose of this on-line resource, however, we have developed a reading module and a writing module, so that parents can understand some of the components and processes involved in each and how technology can support them.


Signing up for educATe Family 

When you purchase educATe Family, you will automatically be enrolled in the Using AT to Support Reading & Writing course.

Within 15 minutes after your purchase has been processed, you'll receive an email from educATe Family confirming your enrollment. At the same time, you'll also receive an email to create a password and sign up for your educATe Family account.  

TIP: Add educATe Family to your favourites in your browser for easy access. Login from the main page of the course, and you can watch your lessons anytime! 


educATe features 
  • Easy to use interface 
  • Lecture videos available with captions
  • Progress tracking, so you can see how far you are in the course as you go along 
  • Content is software-neutral, and applies to any device your child uses to learn


Course Curriculum 

Once access is purchased through our webstore, or via Purchase Order, you will have access to all lectures in our Reading and Writing Modules, as outlined below. 


educATe Family online course curriculum


 Class Introduction 

  • Course Overview 


Reading Module 

  • Introductory Video: Improve Understanding While Reading
  • Overview 
  • Support Fluency 
  • Understand Vocabulary 
  • Build and Activate Background Knowledge 
  • Reading Strategy: Identify Main Idea and Supporting Details 
  • Reading Strategy: Ask Questions 


Writing Module 

  • Introductory Video: Support the Writing Process 
  • Overview 
  • Planning and Organizing 
  • Writing a Draft
  • Revising and Editing


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