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Look to Read is a new interactive, accessible and fun way to support early literacy development in AAC learners regardless of their literacy skills.


It helps facilitate independent exploration of books with the use of:

  • 16 fully accessible and engaging animated stories
  • 4 stages of progression, gradually introducing 
    • 95 letters and their sounds
    • 100 frequency words
  • 64 learning activities
  • A symbolized chat page for every story
How it works

Learners can choose one of the original 16 stories about the adventures of a young boy, Pip. Words of the story will be displayed on the screen, and can be read aloud by touching, looking, pressing the switch or moving the mouse over the words. Reading the whole sentence will cause a fun animation to bring the scene to life.


Story library

Look to Read starts with simple short stories and progresses to longer more complex stories. Each book gradually builds on the sounds and words that have already been introduced, so that learners can become more confident with every book they read.

Look to Read stories are presented in four stages of complexity, each one more complex than the previous as the student gradually becomes more confident with every book they read

A set of activities for each story further support the learner to explore and practice different sounds. They can start to spell words, and complete reading comprehension activities that help them show their understanding of the story.

Every story has a communication grid, to support children in talking about the book. These are filled with core vocabulary and other key words from the stories.



Every story comes with four activities to help consolidate learning. Like the stories, these activities will gradually become more complex to match the difficulty of the story being read. 

Activities included with Look to Read will help learners consolidate their literacy skills, by gradually increasing in difficulty to help match the reader's progression.

Support for early communication

Symbolised chat grids are available with every story in Look to Read. Each grid combines commonly used core words (e.g. more, stop, like) with key words from the story. They are always available, so readers can talk about the stories as they read them.

Every story in Look to Read is supported by a symbolized chat grid to help readers with communication difficulties talk about the book as they are reading it

Who is Look to Read for?

Look to Read is suitable for children at any stage of literacy development – from those who are just starting out, to those who already have some literacy skills.

It's suitable for the following types of access:

  • Touch 
  • Eye gaze
  • Switch
  • Mouse

Look to Read also has a contrast mode for learners with visual impairments, making words and letters easier to see. 


Windows 10 
Intel Atom 1.44GHz or newer
2GB Hard disk space free

Look to Read can be used on communication aids and tablets large and small.

Vendor: Smartbox

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