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Coding, UDL in Play:  Bridges Presents 3 sessions at ISTE 2021!

Coding, UDL in Play: Bridges Presents 3 sessions at ISTE 2021! 0

We’re excited to announce that Bridges, has again been invited to present at the biggest education technology conference in North America -- ISTE Live 2021. This is the 4th year we’ve been invited to lead presentations at this prestigious conference and this year we’re doing 3! Details for each session are below.
Brandon Readtopia implementation

Brandon Readtopia implementation 0

In 2019, supported by Bridges Professional Learning, 10 classes in Brandon Manitoba consisting of teams of 4 teachers each, implemented curricula for student with complex learning needs (i.e. AAC users, cognitive, sensory challenges, physical disabilities):

  • Readtopia, the comprehensive experiential instructional reading program.
  • Equals math curriculum that connects functional math to abstract ideas.
  • First Author comprehensive writing curriculum that teaches how to write and measures writing progress (introduced this year)


So far, despite the pandemic, the Brandon curriculum project has been a wonderful experience and a great success
Hygiene, Sanitizing Strategies in the special Needs Classroom

Hygiene, Sanitizing Strategies in the special Needs Classroom 0

Keeping classrooms clean and hygienic has always been vital in order to avoid immune system comorbidities in the special need’s classroom. The advent of the COVID 19 pandemic means even more effort must be taken to keep children with complex needs safe.

Here are some tips and strategies we’ve heard from teachers of how they are enhancing hygiene standards in special needs classrooms and resource rooms. 


Symbolized Winter Rules and Vocabulary

Symbolized Winter Rules and Vocabulary 0

Once the first snow falls, use this symbolized rule sheet and vocabulary in your classroom for a safe and inclusive play outside. They are absolutely free, and available in French! 

The 4 Winter Rules for a playground and accompanying vocab sheet was created with Widgit Online and will come in handy for any winter activity you have planned. We tried to make this little resource as relevant as possible to most school playgrounds so there’s only 4 key rules. The vocab sheet could be used for newcomers, in a supported classroom or early grades.