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NEW: Extract highlights, Write and more in K3000+FIREFLY!

NEW: Extract highlights, Write and more in K3000+FIREFLY! 0

The web version of FIREFLY  serves up new reading and writing features, including extraction of highlights and notes and writing documents with dictionary and word prediction supports.
Kurzweil Version 15 is Here

Kurzweil Version 15 is Here 0

The new Version 15 of K3000 adds even more features including offline access, making great reading and study tools even better and reducing administration tasks for educators.
KESI Format Automater

KESI Format Automater 0

You have a big text book or a large exam or a bunch of documents you need to turn into Kurzweil files.  A lot of even advanced Kurzweil 3000 users or support staff don’t realize there is a great tool that automates a big part of this job, saving hours of watching over a computer – the Automater.

6 + 1 Super Cool AT stories from 2016 ATIA conference 0

This year's Assistive Technology Industry Association's conference in Orlando turned out to be a really exciting few days. We got to attend sessions, meet with our manufacturing partners and prowl the massive exhibit hall hunting for cool stuff.

This year, the weather was unseasonably hot outside (peaking at 27C. Most years, the weather is more like Vancouver in November, than Toronto in June) and freezing in the halls with the air conditioning on max.

Despite the contradictory conditions we layered-up and tracked down what we think are the neatest AT developments at this year's ATIA. Here they are.