NEW FEATURE in Snap&Read - Reading complex math equations

NEW FEATURE in Snap&Read - Reading complex math equations

Snap&Read unique features makes a wide range of curriculum material accessible and comprehendible: reading aloud, simplifying vocabulary, contextual translation, note-taking to outline and more. Now Snap&Read has added the ability to read complex mathematical equations and story problems, making it an even more handy tool to have on your computer or iPad.

The tool is able to read MathML standard (for more info on MathML click here). To see it in action you can use the following demo to render math formulas and problems from MathML.


Snap&Read demo renders math equation


You can input your math short cut code inside the box on the left, the program will show you the rendered math formula inside the box to the right.


Snap&Read use tool to read the formula aloud


Use the Snap&Read reading function by clicking on the icon in the top right corner and the software will read the rendered formula aloud using math terminology.

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  • Aigerim Malataeva
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