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With the launch of and, Don Johnston delivers new ways to access and manage your universal license for school districts, and easier and affordable options for individual users too.

You can now sign up for a free trial for a Personal, Parent or Educator account for both Co:writer and Snap&Read.

Single licenses are only $4.99/month and $3.99/month USD respectively.


Don Johnston Snap&Read Co:Writer Universal Websites


NEW District-wide Domain-Based License

District wide licensing holds out the promise of wide access for students and teachers on any device, anywhere at home or school. But the reality of managing and implementing district wide licensing can often be a lot more challenging – passwords, authorizations, rights management.

For both Snap&Read (S&R) and Co:Writer (CW) Universal, Don Johnston Inc. introduces domain based automatic registration.


Snap&Read Universal literacy tool district-wide licensing


A domain name is the name a district uses for its website and email address. So the hypothetical Maple Leaf District School Board of Saskatchewan has a domain of Their website is They have email addresses like and When Maple Leaf DSB turns on its CW or S&R license, anyone with that gets access to the tools based on their domain name.

Does your district have more than one domain name or sub-domains? Your district can be set-up based on those names or roles assigned to the names too.

In addition, for Chromebook or Google Apps for Education (GAFE) boards, you can sign in with existing Google credentials. You can also add users by generating an individual code via email, or upload a CSV file of your students and staff – whatever works best for you.


Snap&Read Universal in Google Chrome

Offline Access -- REAL Anywhere Access

Co:Writer and Snap&Read are the only Chrome accessibility extensions that give you offline access—crucial if you have inconsistent internet access or if there’s poor internet access at home. Close the lid on your Chromebook or laptop at school and when you open it at home, you can continue to read and write with the supports you need.


Offline access Don Johnston's Co:Writer and Snap&Read Universal


In addition, the included iPad app for Windows and Mac desktop versions of the tools make Snap&Read and Co:Writer genuinely universal tools. A few functions like voice recognition are internet access dependent, but the key supports aren’t. That speaks to not only a thoughtful architecture that takes into account the realities of student internet access, but preserving student and teacher privacy.

By designing the Chrome extensions and apps for CW and S&R so that they have most of their function on the local computer, means that personal data is not sent or stored on cloud servers where they can be breached. Read more about privacy in Google Chrome in our recent blog posts.

With the new features in DJI’s Universal literacy supports, delivered through and, you aren’t limited to just working in Google Docs or GAFE at the school or even when the internet works. You can read, write and learn with supports anywhere on any device, even without WiFi.

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